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Virginia Beach residents want their home looking nice, and that requires the carpets to be cleaned regularly. Virginia Beach residents depend on Dycarp for all their Virginia Beach carpet cleaning and flooring installation needs. Dycarp has been providing Virginia Beach residents and business owner with nearly thirty years of dedicated service. We strive on providing the best carpeting, upholstery cleaning, and flooring installation that we are known for.

Carpet Services Offered in Virginia Beach

Dycarp offers a wide variety of carpet services for Virginia Beach residents. Our carpet services include:

  • Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Carpet Protectant
  • Urine Odors
  • Stain Removals
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Protectant
  • Dycarp has all your carpet needs met. We guarantee all work performed.

Virginia Beach


Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia has a population of 437,994. Virginia Beach is the thirty ninth most populous city in the United States, and is the number one populous city in Virginia. This city is known for is miles of beautiful beaches and amazing parks. The city was incorporated in 1906. Virginia Beach depends on the tourism. Over one billion of revenue is generated by tourism, and six million overnight visitors stay each year.

The King Neptune statue is a must see in Virginia Beach. King Neptune welcomes visitors and residents. The stature is thirty four feet tall, and is made of bronze. The stature stands at the Neptune Park, which is the threshold of the sea. If you are wanting to do some shopping in Virginia Beach, then the Lynn Haven mall should be on your list. The Lynn Haven mall is one of the largest malls on the entire East Coast, and features over one hundred and eighty stores. The Town Center is also a great place to do some shopping. The Town Center is local merchants along with many retail stores. The Gaylans that features a twenty four office tour is located near The Town Center, so you can visit it on the same day. Of course, if you are visiting Virginia Beach, then you will want to go to one of the many beautiful beaches. You can explore the water by going on a boat tour, parasail, or even Jet Ski. Virginia Beach, Virginia offers so much to see and do for visitor and residents.

Dycarp has had a big presence in Virginia Beach. We have dedicated our services for nearly three decades. Our family-owned and operated business thrives on providing Virginia Beach residents with outstanding carpet cleaning and floor services each and every time. Contact Dycarp if you need any flooring services provided. We look forward to meeting and exceeding all your expectations. Give us a call today for a free estimate on all flooring installations and carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Sanctuary Floor Replacement in Virginia Beach

Check out this video showing off our work as the top Virginia Beach carpet cleaning company and flooring contractor!

Heirloom Rug Cleaning in Virginia Beach After Inheritance

A brother contacted Dycarp a couple weeks back to inquire about a Virginia Beach rug cleaning service. The two siblings inherited a stinky heirloom rug when their great grandmother passed away. The older sister saw some potential with the rug, which led her to task her younger brother with finding a great Virginia Beach rug cleaning service. He ended up calling Dycarp after seeing a friend’s carpet that had been cleaned after a party, and he figured if Dycarp could clean that carpet, then they could surely do something with the heirloom rug.

Dycarp let the brother and sisters know that we have experience cleaning antique rugs. We use special cleaning products and equipment that will clean the rug without damaging it. Dycarp started the task of the rug cleaning and quickly the rug was not only clean, but there were no odors present anymore. Once the siblings all seen the heirloom rug they thought it was a totally different rug. They all couldn’t believe that was the same rug that they had inherited from their great grandmother. Each of them said the rug looked brand new and one of the best things that Dycarp done was to remove all the old odors that was in the rug. Each of the family members agreed that Dycarp was the experts in rug cleaning that Virginia Beach residents could depend on for exceptional rug cleaning services. Unfortunately, the siblings are all wanting the heirloom rug for themselves, because Dycarp got it looking so wonderful.

This Messy Boutique Calls in the Virginia Beach Commercial Carpet Cleaning Experts!

A clothing retailer contacted Dycarp a few weeks ago asking if we could perform the most thorough commercial carpet cleaning Virginia Beach could offer. It had been raining recently, and the store manager noticed the carpet in their business was really getting dirty and grimy from customer tracking mud and dirt in from the rainy weather. The clothing retailer was looking for a professional commercial carpet cleaning service provider that had a reputation for excellence, and Dycarp is the commercial carpet cleaning Virginia Beach businesses can trust. We scheduled our services on Sunday, because their business was closed at that time.

The Carpet Cleaning Contractor with the Right Attitude and Experience

The Dycarp carpet technicians arrived promptly as scheduled, and the clothing retailer was there to let the team in. The carpet technicians vacuumed the area thoroughly, then started pretreating all the spots. The team began steam cleaning the carpet with our industrial machines. In just a few hours the carpets were sanitized, spot free, and smelled great. The employees showed up the following day and told the boss that the carpets looked great, and were so clean that anyone could sit on the carpets and not worry about getting their clothes dirty. We told the store manager that we also provide residential carpet cleaning too. She told us she would be in touch, and we were satisfied with another job well done here at Dycarp.

Virginia Beach Carpet Cleaning Project – Smoke Odor removal

A customer in Virginia Beach, Virginia contacted Dycarp to have two rooms of carpet cleaning services done. The customer had several stubborn stains that she wanted addressed, and to remove any musty odors and dirt that had built up in the carpets. The Dycarp technicians recommended having the steam cleaning procedure on the carpets, because the steam cleaning uses hot water extraction that works excellent for superior cleaning.

Carpet Stain and Odor removal in Virginia Beach

The Dycarp carpet cleaning specialist arrived on time, then thoroughly vacuumed the two rooms first with our industrial vacuum. This would remove deep down dirt before we started cleaning the carpets. Our next step was to remove the stains that the customer was concerned with, then we began the carpet cleaning process. Our steam cleaning machines literally removes all dirt and grime from the carpets, and leaves carpets odor free. When we are finished with your carpets they are nearly completely dry, because the suction on our equipment outstanding.
Dycarp completed the carpet cleaning for the customer, and placed all the furniture back in place. The carpets came out looking brand new, spot free, and without any musty odors. Dycarp thrives on providing excellent carpet cleaning for all of our customers.
We are the carpet cleaning specialists that Virginia Beach residents can depend on. If your carpets have an odor or you are dealing with stubborn stains, then contact Dycarp.

We offer a variety of cleaning services that can remedy all your carpet problems. Contact us today for a free consultation.