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Suffolk, Virginia residents want their homes and businesses to reflect charm and sophistication combined. To have that look Suffolk residents start off with a good foundation, and that foundation is their flooring. The flooring is important, because it is the base. Dycarp understands the importance of having excellent flooring, and that is why we are the Suffolk, Virginia flooring installation experts. We specialize in carpet cleaning and complete flooring installation. We have been dedicated to Suffolk for nearly thirty years. Our dedication has gave us experience to providing outstanding work.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered in Suffolk, Virginia

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At Dycarp, we specialize in complete carpet cleaning services. Our carpet cleaning services include:

  • Suffolk Carpet Cleaning
  • Spot Treatment and Removal
  • Carpet Protectant
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairs
  • Pet Odor Removal
  • And so much more…

For all your carpet cleaning needs, Dycarp is the choice. Our technicians are fully trained and certified, so you get high-quality carpet cleaning.

Suffolk, Virginia

Suffolk, Virginia has a population of 84,585. Suffolk, Virginia was founded in 1742. In 1808, Suffolk became an incorporated town, which separated it from the Nansemond County. One of the major industries in this city is peanuts. The well-known Planters’ Peanuts was established in this town in 1912. This town offers that quaint, small town charm. Downtown Suffolk offers amazing boutiques, galleries, shopping, and dining. Charm and uniqueness can be found at many of the shops featured downtown on Main Street.

The city of Suffolk offers a few tours, which is an excellent way to learn about the city. The Historic Downtown Suffolk Narrated Bus Tour features the Cedar Hill Cemetery, Riddick’s Folly House Museum, the 17th century Lakeside neighborhood, and the Virginia Civil War Trails. The Lake Drummond Canoe Tour is a tour on Lake Drummond. The tour is four hours long, and takes you through adventures and amazing outdoor scenery.

Suffolk, Virginia is an amazing city with many things to see and do. The residents are very welcoming, and enjoy meeting new visitors.

Dycarp has been a part of Suffolk for thirty years. We understand the importance of history that our city possesses. We are a family-owned and operated business that thrives on providing excellent carpet and upholstery cleaning, and floor installations. Our team are all licensed, certified, and fully insured, so we are the carpet cleaning and flooring installation specialists of Suffolk, Virginia.

If you haven’t had your carpet cleaned within the last six months to a year, then now is the time to call Dycarp. We offer free in-home estimates. Contact Dycarp today!

Our Suffolk Carpet Cleaning Services Are Set Up For Bi-Annual Calls

A customer had called Dycarp recently to set up regular services from a top Suffolk carpet cleaning company. The customer wanted to start having their carpet cleaned twice a year, as she had read from the manufacturer that this could maintain their flooring for several additional years. She explained to us that she didn’t have cheap carpeting installed in her home, so she wanted to make sure that her carpeting would last for many, many years, and of course she wanted them to look nice, too. She also wanted great looking floors because she entertained guests regularly.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning technicians met with the homeowner at her Suffolk residence and she showed us the rooms with the carpeting. The homeowner told us that she would always make sure that each room was cleared out before we arrived, because she wanted every inch of the carpets cleaned thoroughly. The Dycarp techs gave the homeowner a bid, and she scheduled us to start the cleaning a month from that day. The techs arrived on the day as scheduled and started the cleaning. We finished the job and were very satisfied with our work. The homeowner was also highly impressed with the work that we provided, because she called that same day just to say that the carpets looked wonderful. She said that she looks forward to Dycarp being her Suffolk carpet cleaning company, because of the fine carpet cleaning work that we provided for her. The customer also said that this first cleaning was to test us out. and Dycarp passed with flying colors.

Caring Sons Schedule Suffolk Carpet Cleaning

Not long ago Dycarp received a call from couple of sons in Suffolk. The sons were looking to have carpet cleaning done for their dad. Their dad had just got a new job that required him to travel a bit more. The father had been out of work for a while and while he was off of work he was always cleaning. The sons wanted to make sure that their dad’s chores were all covered so they contacted Dycarp for our excellent Suffolk carpet cleaning services, and we set him up with regular carpet cleaning that he can count on!

The dad went out of town for work and the sons met Dycarp at his home. They showed us the rooms that needed to have the carpet cleaning done. Our team started on the first room by helping the sons remove the furniture, then pretreating the spots. The team used our commercial cleaning machine and got the carpet clean. The team went on to clean the carpets in the other two rooms and by the end of the day we had the entire home’s carpets cleaned and sanitized. The boys said that their dad’s carpets had never looked better. The father arrived home three days later and was pleasantly surprised at how clean his carpets were. He found a note from his boys that told him that they were proud of him and decided to hire the best carpet cleaning company in Suffolk. This was so that he could come home, relax, and enjoy a nice clean home.

Suffolk Floor Installation Updates Office

A Suffolk area marketing specialist had seen tons of pictures of Dycarp’s custom work, because he was thinking about upgrading his office and wanted a graphic displayed in his carpeting. He called ahead and sent over a design, which the Dycarp design team looked over. We were happy to inform the customer that we would be able to accommodate his request. We wanted to meet with the customer and look over the space so we could get accurate measurements. Finally we would have to decide on carpet brands and any other needs or concerns that the customer might have.

The Dycarp designers arrived at the office, and met with the customer. We measured the space, and the customer selected his carpet according to our recommendation, and then showed us exactly how he wanted his graphic design displayed in the carpet. Once we had gathered all of the information that we needed, our designers and professional installers headed back to the office on Saturday morning (the customer’s request) so we could start the floor installation Suffolk businesses could trust. The team removed all the office furniture, and removed the current carpeting. Late that evening we had the carpet installed, and the graphic design in place. We replaced the furniture, and we were done. Monday morning the customer contacted Dycarp to let us know that he was highly impressed with the carpet. He said his design really stands out and is perfect. He said that our custom work and outstanding floor installation met and exceeded his expectations. Dycarp goes that extra mile for all of our customers.

Puppy Carpet Cleaning Service in Suffolk!

A Sanitary Suffolk Carpet Cleaning for Health and Hygiene

Recently Dycarp received a call from a man in Suffolk, Virginia who had just brought a puppy home, and was now looking for the most professional carpet cleaning service Suffolk residents could use. The man explained that he had put down plenty of newspaper while he was trying to train his new puppy, but sometimes (of course) puppies have accidents. There were quite a few very unsightly stains and spots on the carpet. We let the man know that we are the number one carpet cleaning company in Suffolk, Virginia. We specialize in removing pet odors and stains. We use special cleaning treatments that will safely remove spots and stains without damaging the carpet and carpet fibers. The man was glad to hear this and scheduled Dycarp to come out as soon as possible, so we set the date for the next day.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning service team arrived at his home in Suffolk on time, as scheduled. The man was happy to see us, and showed us the spots and stains on his carpet. Our team removed the furniture in the two rooms that the carpet was to be cleaned, then vacuumed the carpet, and started the pretreating step. Once the pretreating step had been completed the team started the steam cleaning method. The steam cleaning method will clean, sanitize, and deodorize the carpets, and leave them virtually dry. The team placed all the furniture back in its original place, and let the man know his carpets were done. Now that his puppy is growing up, he told us he would have to give us a call to get the fur out of the carpet next time!

Suffolk, VA Carpet Cleaning & Stain removal

We had a customer in Suffolk, Virginia recently call the Dycarp office to have our team come out and give her an estimate on cleaning her carpets. The Dycarp technicians arrived at the customer’s home where the customer showed us the carpets that she wanted cleaned. The main carpet was a wool carpet. Wool carpet has to be cleaned with special care and attention, and the Dycarp team can do this with our dry cleaning method. The entry way was the other carpet that the customer wanted cleaned. This area was the main walking area, and the carpet had deep stains that needed immediate attention. We gave her an estimate, and the customer agreed, and wanted us to start on Monday.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning team arrived on Monday and we vacuumed the carpets, then our team used our dry cleaning method on the main carpet. The dry cleaning method allows us to use a dry cleaning solution on the carpet, then we bonnet clean the carpet. Once we had the main carpet done we focused on the entry way where we would be doing the steam cleaning method, because this carpet was regular carpet, and the steam cleaning method uses hot water, which is needed to help remove the heavy-traffic stains. We pre-treated the stains, then started the steam cleaning.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning team removed all stains, and left the home with clean and dry carpets. We are the carpet cleaning specialists in Suffolk, Virginia. We know how to handle all types of carpets. Contact Dycarp for all your carpeting cleaning needs.