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The residents of Smithfield, Virginia have a variety of particles, including dust, dirt, and dander that carry onto their carpeting, since the town is located on the Pagan River. They rely on a locally-based Smithfield carpet cleaning company to keep their floors looking great and sanitized. We are the trusted professionals to provide quality services. With our cleaning treatments and installations, we can get your floors on their way to looking brand new again!

Carpet Cleaning Services Provided in Smithfield, Virginia

Dycarp offers complete carpet cleaning services for Smithfield, including:

Steam cleaning
Dry cleaning
Tough stain treatment
Pet odors
Pet urine

Dycarp has Smithfield covered for carpet cleaning and repairs. We use industrial cleaning products that will not harm, and will leave them stain, spot, and odor-free.

Smithfield, Virginia

Businesses choose the leader in Smithfield carpet cleaning and carpet installation when they need serious work done, and they call Dycarp.Smithfield, Virginia is a small city with a population of 8,089. It is known throughout the United States for their production of the famous “Smithfield Ham.” Smithfield has an award winning historic downtown. Main Street has been restored, and there are many merchants, shops, and dining available. In 2002, Smithfield celebrated its 250th anniversary. If you are wanting to try Smithfield’s famous ham, then The Smithfield Tavern, Smithfield Station Waterfront Restaurant, and the Smithfield Gourmet Bakery are great places to check out for a delicious ham meal. Smithfield also offers a walking tour, which takes visitors through downtown and through the Victorian Row, so you can get a glimpse of the history. The tour takes you back in time from where the city was founded.


Smithfield Carpet Cleaning Takes Care of Holiday Cooking Mess

Recently Dycarp received a call from a homeowner in Smithfield. The man had planned on frying a turkey for Thanksgiving, but he had very little experience in this procedure and botched it slightly. He was following the instructions to a tee that he had found on the internet and was sticking to the instructions very closely, but he didn’t notice that when he was transferring a pan inside he ended up spilling a bunch of oil and turkey juices all over his carpet. He called us the following day for the carpet cleaning Smithfield residents rely on to take care of disastrous spills.

We arrived at the home and the homeowner showed us the area where the oil and spills were located. He said his wife immediately tried to clean up the area with every kind of cleaning products that they had in their home, but nothing worked. The team let the couple know that they didn’t need to worry, because we would get the stains up and the carpet would be totally cleaned. Our team started the carpet cleaning process and two hours later the carpet was cleaned and not one spot remained. The team asked the couple to look at their carpet and they both were pleasantly surprised on how clean the carpet was. The wife said she told her husband that if the carpet didn’t come clean he would have to purchase her all new carpeting, but thanks to Dycarp the carpet cleaning experts in Smithfield the husband was saved.