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Poquoson, VA is one of the oldest-named cities in Virginia. The residents are proud of the deep heritage and history that their town has. The residents want their home to preserve their history, which can be done best by proper maintenance. Dycarp provides carpet cleaning and flooring installation in Poquoson with outstanding quality. Dycarp can keep your carpeting clean, restore, repair, and install new flooring. We are proud to offer qualified and trained technicians that thrive on providing superior services for Poquoson residents and business owners.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered in Poquoson

Carpet protectant
Carpet stain treatment and removal
Pet odors and urine removal
Steam cleaning
Dry cleaning
Carpet repairs and stretching

Dycarp provides steam and dry cleaning methods. We use commercial cleaning machines that have superior suction power, so our steam cleaning allows for faster drying time. Our pet and urine odor removal treatments will remedy smells and stains effectively.

Poquoson, VirginiaPoquoson carpet and flooring installation is in good hands when it is trusted to Dycarp

Poquoson, Virginia is one of the oldest-named cities in Virginia with a population of 12,150. The Poquoson name is a Native American word, which means “flat, boring land.” The Poquoson Museum is an excellent location where visitors can learn the history of this city with the many artifacts and photos. Poquoson is known as being a water city, and every year the city celebrates with the Poquoson Seafood Festival; in 2015, it will be their thirty-fifth celebration. The festival occurs in October, and draws over 50,000 people. It is a three day event that features local shrimp, food, crafts, and live entertainment. If you are a visiting for the first time, then this is a great event to attend. You will catch a glimpse of the city, businesses, and residents, all in one area.

Poquoson has over eighty-seven miles of coastline, making it excellent for boating, fishing, and water sports. There are plenty of places to see and things to do in this beautiful, small town.  Poquoson resources More Poquoson info


Poquoson Carpet Cleaning Needed at Jewelry Store

Two weeks ago, Dycarp provided services for a customer in Poquoson. The customer was a Poquoson jewelry store owner who had a large rug that served as a welcome mat for their customers. That welcome mat had lots of traffic on it each day, which meant that it needed a lot of work. The owner needed service from the Poquoson carpet cleaning company of choice, which was Dycarp. They were going to have a sale for Valentine’s Day, which always causes a lot of foot traffic. They wanted to have the rug cleaned and ready for the event.

The Dycarp crew understood this customer’s needs and the crew immediately vacuumed the rug, then pretreated the stains that were present. The crew then cleaned the rug until it was looking brand new again. The owner couldn’t believe how great the welcome mat had turned out after having the best carpet cleaning Poquoson jewelry shoppers would appreciate. The owner said the Dycarp crew really did an outstanding job with the carpet cleaning services that we provided. He said he will be definitely calling us back out after Valentine’s Day, because this is one of the busiest times of the year for him and the rug will need to be cleaned again. The customer said that because we did such an amazing job, Dycarp will be the only carpet cleaning company in Poquoson that he will contact.

We Serve Businesses as the Top Poquoson Carpet Cleaning Company

Not long ago, Dycarp was contacted by a real estate manager. The real estate manager in Poquoson needed to have cleaning done in several units before new tenants moved in. He called the best carpet cleaning company in Poquoson, and Dycarp was able to take care of the manager’s needs without a problem. The Dycarp team arrived at the apartment complex and the manager showed us the carpets that needed cleaning.

The Dycarp team let the customer know that all pet odors and deep dirt would be removed from the carpets. The team started the pretreating process on the first units’ carpet, as there were heavy traffic and other stains present. The team started the carpet cleaning with our commercial heavy-duty equipment. The team finished the first unit, then moved on to the next and within two days all of the carpets were cleaned, sanitized, and ready for new tenants. We stopped by the office to let the manager know that the carpets were finished and he said he would let us know if there was a problem. The customer did call the office, but not because there was a problem. He just wanted to thank us for doing an outstanding job because the carpets look brand new again. He told us he was glad that he called the carpet cleaning company Poquoson residents can trust for the best carpet cleaning services in the city. The customer said that he will be calling us again in the future when he needs any other units done again.

Poquoson Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Spills in Office

Recently, Dycarp was contacted by a customer who was in dire need of a qualified Poquoson commercial carpet cleaning company. The office building manager needed our commercial carpet cleaning services after one of the copiers broke and spilled ink and toner everywhere. The building manager said that he tried to clean up the mess, but only made it worse and he was afraid that if the spot wasn’t removed quickly that he would face some consequences and coworkers’ bad attitudes. We let him know that our professional team would come right out and get the ink and toner out of the carpet for him.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning team arrived at the office building and started to pretreat the spot with our special cleaning solutions. After our team pretreated the spot they started cleaning the carpet with our industrial carpet cleaning machine. Within just two hours the Dycarp team had the ink and toner spot removed and the entire office carpet cleaned and sanitized. Dycarp was able to take care of the unsightly stains and provide a thorough cleaning for the rest of the floor. The office manager was there when the team was done and couldn’t believe that the stains were gone. He said he was overjoyed that he called the best commercial carpet cleaning company in Poquoson, which is Dycarp, because not only did we get the stains out, but we also removed other stains that had been present in the carpet for many months. Dycarp was pleased that we could help another customer with their carpet stains!