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Hampton, Virginia has a rich history. The city of Hampton traces its history back to over four hundred years. The residents of Hampton, Virginia keep their homes and businesses looking great by having their carpets clean and their flooring done by professional installers. Dycarp is who Hampton, Virginia residents call on for all their carpet cleaning needs. Dycarp has been providing a dedicated service to this city for nearly three decades. Our family-owned and operated business thrives on being the best  Hampton carpet cleaning company and flooring installer in Hampton, Virginia.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered in Hampton, Virginia

Dycarp offers extensive carpet cleaning services for Hampton, Virginia residents. Our carpet cleaning services include:

    • Hampton Carpet Cleaning
    • Dry Cleaning
    • Steam Cleaning
    • Carpet Stain Treatments
    • Caret Protectant
    • Urine Odors
    • Stain Removals
    • Carpet Repairs

Our carpet technicians are certified, trained, and fully insured. We use the latest equipment, so we can offer high-quality carpet cleaning services for our customers.Hampton, VA aerial photo

Hampton, Virginia

Hampton, Virginia is located on the southeastern area of Virginia. The population of Hampton, Virginia is nearly 140,000, and is one of the biggest cities of Virginia. The city has a deep history that dates back over four hundred years. Three ships from England landed in Virginia in 1606. Captain Christopher Newport landed on Chesapeake Bay, then the crew started exploring the land, which was soon to be known as Hampton, Virginia. Hampton became incorporated in 1849. Hampton was named as one of the most technology advanced cities in the United States by the Center for Digital Government ten years in a row. There are many things that this city offers. The city has amazing festivals, museums, theatres, cruises, and beautiful beaches.

The Hampton History Museum is an excellent location that has a collection of artifacts and exhibits. Another great museum to visit in Hampton is the Hampton University Museum. The museum features the nation’s oldest African-American collections, and was founded in 1868.

Downtown Hampton has everything from antiques, art galleries, home décor to family dining. You will see Hampton brought back to its original form as the sidewalks are lined in bricks, and the vendors and merchants are welcoming. No matter what you want to do in Hampton, Virginia you will be able to do it here.

Dycarp has played a major role in Hampton, Virginia. We have been dedicated to the residents of Hampton for nearly three decades. Our dedication and experience can provide outstanding carpet cleaning and flooring installations for our customers. Contact Dycarp for all your flooring needs. We can schedule a free in home consultation today.



Hampton Carpet Cleaning Service Makes Office Party a Success

An office manager was responsible for planning the annual end of the year holiday party for her company. This was the first year that she was asked to do this task and she really wanted to impress her bosses. She started making a list of things that needed to be done prior to the holiday party and when she looked over the space she knew immediately that she would need a professional carpet cleaning service in Hampton, so she contacted Dycarp. She knew the party goers would probably make a mess because this was the time of the year that everyone could relax and let their hair down to have a good time. Their normal cleaning service just wouldn’t be able to handle this type of mess, and that is why she contacted Dycarp.

Dycarp came out to the location the day after the holiday party and the crew first vacuumed the carpet, then pretreated all the spots that were on the carpet. The crew then steam cleaned the carpet, and when they were done the carpet was nearly dry. Our crew replaced all of the tables and chairs in their original location and let the office manager know that the carpets were cleaned. She came to look and was very happy with the carpet cleaning service Dycarp had provided. She said the party was a big success and everything went off without a hitch, because this crucial step was taken care of prior to the party.

Restaurant Gets Top Hampton Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Recently, Dycarp was contacted by a Hampton restaurant chain. The restaurant chain owner wanted commercial carpet cleaning in Hampton locations that needed to happen on Monday mornings. Dycarp let the customer know that we could indeed do his commercial carpet cleaning on Monday morning, so he scheduled us to start. The Dycarp team arrived at the first location and moved all the furniture, then started pretreating all the stains and spots that were on the carpet. We used out heavy duty commercial steam cleaning machine for the carpets because it would remove all the stains and odors, but would leave the carpet nearly dry. Once the carpet was cleaned we replaced the furniture into its original location, then proceeded to the next restaurant.

Dycarp was able to get all the Hampton restaurants cleaned for the customer. Thanks to Dycarp’s professional demeanor and flexibility they were able to provide excellent services for these restaurants. The customer was highly impressed with our carpet cleaning ability, and said he will only call Dycarp from now on, because we are the commercial carpet cleaning specialists in Hampton. We did each restaurant within the time frame, got the carpets clean, sparkling, and sanitized, and provided the customer with outstanding service that met his budget. The restaurant chain owner said that he will never try to clean his carpets again himself because Dycarp saved him precious time and money, and his carpets have never been this clean in the past.

Hampton, VA Carpet Cleaning Job

The holidays are one of Dycarp’s busiest times of the years. We had a customer in Hampton, Virginia that wanted her carpet cleaned before the holidays. The customer’s husband was a smoker, so she wanted the carpets in her living room and dining room to be cleaned and to have the smoke odor removed. The Dycarp carpet cleaning team arrived at the customer’s home ready to get the carpets clean and odor free. (Click the link to read more on our Hampton Carpet cleaning services)The carpets were in fairly good shape, because the customer had her carpets cleaned every six months, which is a good routine for carpets. Having carpets cleaned at least twice a year will keep dirt and debris from building up in the fibers.

Odor elimination & Carpet Cleaning in Hampton, VA

The team began by spraying the carpets with our special odor eliminator, then we started the carpet cleaning process. One important thing that our steam cleaner does for our customers is virtually removes all the water from the carpets, so they are nearly dry when we are done cleaning. The team finished the carpet cleaning, then we placed the furniture back to their original place. The Dycarp team did another great job for another customer in Hampton.
Dycarp is a family-owned and operated business that understands the holidays are a time that families get together. We can get your carpets cleaned and ready for the holidays for you. Contact Dycarp today for all your carpet needs. We offer steam and dry cleaning options for carpets. Dycarp will assist you in choosing the best cleaning method for your carpets. Call us today.