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Dycarp, the leader for Chesapeake Carpet Cleaning and flooring installation. Residents and business owners know that a clean floor is a healthy environment and can count on Dycarp for all their flooring needs. Dycarp has been installing floors, and providing carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning for Chesapeake, Virginia residents for nearly three decades. Our technicians are trained, qualified, and fully insured, so we can offer our customers with the highest quality of service along with protection. Dycarp is truly your carpet & flooring specialists.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered

Dycarp offers carpet cleaning services to meet your needs. Our carpet cleaning services include:

Chesapeake, Virginia – Info and History

Chesapeake, Virginia has a population of over one million, which makes this city the third most populous city in Virginia. It was formed in 1963, but Norfolk County and South Norfolk merged to create this city. The city offers many things to see and do. If you are a history lover, then the Battlefield Park offers a recreation of the Causeway from 1775, a historic pathway, picnic areas, and an outdoor auditorium. Another museum is the Casemate Museum. The Casemate Museum was founded in 1951 and has many artifacts and displays to see.

For outdoor activities, then the Adventure Kayak Tours features guided kayak tours of the Virginia coast. The Northwest River Park is a great place to do some fishing, hiking, canoeing, and more. They offer cabins if you would like to spend the weekend, and your pets are always welcome. Chesapeake is excellent for shopping. There are many boutiques, shops, and great finds in the city. Downtown is one of the places to do shopping. The shops feature unique finds, bargains, and family restaurants to dine at. You can find so many interesting things in Downtown Chesapeake, Virginia.

Anything you are looking to do can be found in our beautiful city. This is a city that offers excitement, history, outdoor activities, shopping, and a great welcoming atmosphere from all the residents.

Dycarp is a family-owned and operated business that has been providing Virginia residents and business owners with flooring options. We are the carpet cleaning and floor installer’s experts. We have a wide variety of services that will surely meet and exceed all your flooring needs. Contact Dycarp today for a free in-home estimate for carpet and upholstery cleaning, and flooring installations.

Check Out Or Latest Carpet Cleaning Projects in Chesapeake

Carpet Cleaning Company Cleans up Workout Space in Chesapeake

Recently, Dycarp was contacted by a man in Chesapeake. The homeowner had set up a small space with free weights in his living room next to a DVD where he could do workout DVD’s. The homeowner was very excited about losing weight and getting into shape, but quickly realized that after three months all of his sweating had caused some discoloration in the flooring. He asked his friend what to do about it and they tried to clean the rug themselves and they had no luck, so the man called the best Chesapeake carpet cleaning company to take care of the unsightly stain.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning crew arrived at the customer’s residence and was shown the unsightly stain. Our crew first thoroughly vacuumed the carpet, then they pretreated the stain. The crew used our industrial carpet cleaning equipment to clean the carpet. When the crew was done the stain was removed and when by the time the crew moved the furniture back into place the carpet was nearly dried thanks to our equipment. Dycarp was able to treat the carpet so that no one could see what was previously an eyesore. The entire carpet was cleaned and sanitized, which was what the customer had wanted. The customer was overjoyed with the carpet cleaning services that we provided for him. He said that he would definitely be calling us again in the future because he had found that Dycarp was the professional carpet cleaning company Chesapeake workout enthusiasts would be happy with.

Dycarp your Professional Chesapeake Carpet Cleaner

A Chesapeake photographer was planning on using his studio for a professional shoot that he had scheduled. He needed his carpet cleaned before the shoot because he wanted the floor to be stain and spot free. The carpet had to be flawless or someone viewing the final images would be able to see the lack of cleanliness, and this wouldn’t convey the quality of work this talented creative wanted to express. He asked a few friends who recommendations, and they all recommended Dycarp as the carpet cleaner Chesapeake professionals contact.

Dycarp scheduled an in-home consultation, and to give him an estimate on the carpet cleaning. Our carpet cleaning team let him know that we could successfully remove the spots and stains as they were fairly minor, and have the studio carpet looking wonderful for his shoot. He hired us to start two days later, and our carpet cleaning specialists arrived promptly on time. We started cleaning the carpet with our steam cleaning method. We fully treated the stains prior to the steaming, and they came right up because we use effective cleaning solutions. Dycarp was able to produce the results this artistic professional needed, and he then had the confidence to do the professional shoot at his studio. He told us later that even a perfectionist like himself was very impressed with the services offered by Dycarp. We always provide the flooring results called for because we are the carpet cleaner Chesapeake professionals contact for all their carpet cleaning needs.

Dycarp Gives saves Fun-Loving Uncle with expert Carpet Cleaning

Recently, Dycarp was contacted by a Chesapeake bachelor. The single man’s brother asked him to keep his nephews and nieces for the weekend while his brother and wife went out of town for a short vacation. He was thrilled to spend time with his nieces and nephews, and though he had the best intentions, he accidentally let the kids eat too much junk food. The kids started getting hyper from all the sugary junk food, and one of them ended up getting sick all over his carpet. He immediately decided to check him and the kids into a hotel while the Dycarp carpet cleaning company could do their good work and remove the stained area.

Dycarp understood the situation, and we ensured him that while he was at the hotel our specialists would remove the stain, and get the carpet back in tip top shape. The Dycarp cleaning team arrived at the residence bright and early Saturday morning, and pre-treated the stain, then went to work cleaning the carpets. Our team was able to have the carpet cleaning finished by that afternoon, and we called the customer to let him know that he could return home anytime, because the carpet cleaning company Chesapeake bachelors trust had the carpets cleaned. The customer appreciated how quickly Dycarp completed the cleaning, but said he would just stay at the hotel with the kids until their parents returned home, because he didn’t want to risk one of the kids making another mess.

Residential Carpet Cleaning Eliminates Gamers’ Mess

Dycarp received a call from a returning customer in Chesapeake, Virginia. The customer wanted Dycarp to come out to their home for a residential carpet cleaning service. The customers were parents of teenagers, and their kids enjoyed the sometimes destructive combination of playing videos games and having their friends over. The teens asked their parents if they could have a sleep over with their friends, and the parents agreed. the kids and their friends ate snacks and drank soda all night long, but didn’t pay much attention to countless small spills here and there. The next day the parents couldn’t believe how bad their carpet looked, so they called Dycarp after having a stern conversation with their children. They were at least a little relieved they could hire the a top residential carpet cleaning company has to offer.

Our team arrived at the home and immediately started the carpet cleaning service. By the end of the day the carpet was stain-free and completely cleaned. The whole family was thrilled with the carpet service, and we were proud to deliver our usual outstanding results.

The parents let us know that they would be having us out again in the near future to do other rooms in their home. Dycarp once again left another customer satisfied, and we were all happy to do a great job and gain a little more loyalty among the nice folks in Chesapeake.

Carpet Cleaning Project in Chesapeake

Our team of Carpet Cleaning technicians were out to help a customer in Chesapeake, Virginia who wanted assistance with pet odors in her apartment. The customer’s former roommate had a puppy that was in the process of being puppy trained, and needless to say the carpet in the bedroom and living room had several pet urine spots and odors. Dycarp ensured the customer that we could remove the pet stains and odors, because we use an enzyme treatment that is effective for these type of stains and odors along with our industrial steam cleaning equipment.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning experts arrived at the customer’s apartment ready to resolve her carpet issues. The customer already had the furniture removed, which was a big help. This allowed us to have empty rooms to work freely with. The crew vacuumed the rooms, then we started treating the urine spots with our enzyme treatments. Our crew started steam cleaning the carpets once we had the urine spots removed. We added a special cleaning treatment that is specially designed for pet odors. At the end of the afternoon our crew had all the spots and odors removed from the carpets. We let the customer know that if she had any problems just to call us back, because we back all our work with a customer satisfaction.

Are your carpets needing a good cleaning? If they are, then contact Dycarp today. We have been providing professional carpet cleaning for Chesapeake residents for over twenty years. We offer solutions for tough stains, pet odors, and smoky carpets.