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The residents in Newport News, Virginia understand that having properly installed flooring and clean carpeting requires professional care, and the professionals to turn to are Dycarp. With the town’s rich history, we know that each building has importance and needs to be treated with care. When renovating or cleaning the flooring, it is especially important that the job is done right the first time. You can trust quality results from us each and every time. We are dedicated in providing flooring and carpet cleaning Newport News residents and businesses can trust.

Carpet Cleaning Services Offered in Newport News, Virginia

Dycarp offers a wide range of carpet cleaning services in Newport News, Virginia. We provide:

The Dycarp technicians specialize in Berber, Saxony, and all commercial carpeting. We recommend that they are cleaned at least once a year to successfully remove allergens, dirt, debris, dander, and pollutants.

Newport News, Virginia

Newport News, VA has a population of nearly 185,000 and is the fifth most populous city in the state. In 1619, “Newportes Newes” appeared first in the Virginia Company records, and the city was incorporated in 1896. There is plenty to see and do in this city, especially at the local museums. The Virginia Living Museum is the state’s natural heritage museum and has live exhibits of bald eagles, wolves, and much more. Some of the others are: The Civil War at Dycarp services Newport News, VA for carpet cleaning, carpet and flooring installation and moreEndview, Virginia War Museum, and The Mariners Museum.

The City Center at Oyster Point is an open air shopping center with a five acre fountain that surrounds it. It is where visitors and residents can find national retailers and local merchants. While shopping, visitors can take a break and enjoy a spa or a gourmet lunch. The Historic Hilton Village has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, where you can find antiques, art, and collectibles. There is something here for the whole family in Newport News, Virginia!

Dycarp has been a major contributor to the local homes and buildings. We understand the heritage that our city has, and as a family-owned and operated business, we take special pride in that. We offer complete carpet cleaning services and flooring installations. If you would like additional information on any of our services, then contact Dycarp today.


Home Office Worker Calls for Best Carpet Cleaning Contractor in Newport News

A Newport News journalist needed a carpet cleaning service because he did a ton of work from his home. The journalist would often have many visitors at his home that pertained to his work. He started asking around to see who the best carpet cleaning contractor in Newport News and everyone told him that the best company to call would be Dycarp. He got in touch with us very soon afterwards.

The journalist asked about regular carpet cleaning and we went over different options with him. What convinced him to obtain bimonthly service was when he saw the noticeable difference in cleanliness the reporter experienced after just one cleaning. He thought that if Dycarp could do such a great job with just one cleaning we would be able to clean his carpet thoroughly once a bit of time had elapsed. The reporter has been using Dycarp’s services for several months now and has enjoyed having his carpets cleaned and sanitized. He even had a cocktail party one evening and had a guest spill red wine on his carpet, which was no problem for our professional carpet cleaning services.We were able to lift the stain so that no one would never know that there was a glass of wine spilled on the carpet. In Newport News Dycarp is the professional carpet cleaning contractor professionals can depend upon for all their carpet cleaning needs. If you just need a one-time cleaning or need to set up a regular schedule, then you should contact Dycarp.

Carpet Cleaning Contractors in Newport News are Warmly Welcomed

A family of four hosted their first holiday party and the family didn’t anticipate babies accidentally knocking things over, as they had not baby-proofed the event for their relatives with young children. Each of the family members watched as drinks were spilled and food was dropped all over their carpet. They all tried to stay on top of the spills, but they just didn’t have any luck. The parents decided to call Dycarp as their Newport News carpet cleaning contractor who was able to get lots of stains out of the carpet including wine that was spilled.

Dycarp showed up at the Newport News home and each of the family members showed the team all the spots and stains. The Dycarp team let them know that we use special solutions that would remove all the spots and stains. The family headed out and our team started pretreating the spots, then we used our heavy-duty industrial carpet cleaning machine to clean all the carpets. The family returned later that afternoon just as the Dycarp team was putting things away. They were all impressed with the appearance of the carpets and they said the house smelled so nice and fresh. The family isn’t going to stop having any holiday parties, because they can depend on Dycarp, their very own personal carpet cleaning contractor in Newport News. Dycarp was able to come right out to the home and provide outstanding carpet cleaning services.

This Newport News Carpet Cleaning Company can Handle Anything!

A Newport News mother wanted to have carpet cleaning done after she realized that her kids had invented and began playing a version of indoor soccer in their downstairs living room. When the mother heard a bunch of laugher and commotion she went downstairs to see what the kids were doing, and was shocked when she seen the living room. The kids had brought in their outdoor goalie net through the mud and her living room now looked like a muddy soccer field. She immediately grabbed a bucket of water and cleaning products, but she had no luck. The mud wouldn’t come up and her living room carpet was a giant mess. She contacted Dycarp, because she had heard that they were the carpet cleaning company Newport News mothers could count on to get their carpets clean and sanitized.

The Dycarp crew came to the home and looked at the carpet. We let her know that she didn’t have to worry about her carpets, because we are the carpet cleaning specialists. We would get those stains out and her carpets would look great when we were done. The crew first vacuumed the carpet with our industrial vacuum cleaner, then pretreated the stands by hand. We then used our special cleaning solution and equipment and cleaned the carpet thoroughly. By that afternoon the living room carpets were clean and not one stain remained. The mother was highly impressed with the carpet cleaning that we had provided for her.

Dycarp – The DIYers Newport News Carpet Cleaning Company

A Newport News musician had undertaken a unique creative project. He was trying to build a custom speaker cabinet for his guitar amplifier. He was definitely more the artistic type than the organized type, and although he was successful in making the custom cabinet, he realized he had gotten sawdust everywhere. He tried and tried to get the sawdust up with the vacuum, but had no success. He finally decided to call the most effective carpet cleaning company in Newport News, Dycarp.

The Dycarp carpet cleaning specialists arrived at the home, and noticed all the sawdust in the carpet. We informed the customer that we would be able to remove all the sawdust, along with the stains that were present. The Dycarp crew used special pre-treating solution that effectively removed the stains. We used our specialized process that removed all the sawdust and stains. We were able to get the carpets totally clean and sawdust free. The musician was amazed when he came in and looked at his carpets. He said he didn’t think at the time that anyone would be able to get the carpets cleaned. He had vacuumed like crazy to no avail. He said he was excited to invite his friends over to see his custom speaker cabinet now. He hadn’t done it before, because he was embarrassed over his carpet. He can play beautiful music now that he called the professional carpet cleaning company Newport News musicians can rock out to!

The Newest Newport News Carpet Jobs

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