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Dycarp Custom Residental Carpet Installation in Norfolk, VA

Carpet options can be overwhelming. There are fiber types such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, and more.  Choices of loop pile, cut pile, and, combination piles add to your carpet decision.  Which shows less soiling and cleans better? There are softer and firmer fiber elements.  Add in, selections of warranty options, wear ratings, and stain protectant elements. With so many aspects involved in your selection, you want to select the best option for your family’s needs and lifestyle.

When you call Dycarp, you benefit from our knowledge of carpet fiber, the manufacturer warranty, as well as, post installation maintenance and cleaning care.  We are not the salesman trying to make the sale.  Dycarp is your guide in selection of the best carpet style and long term care options that will best suit your life style and expectations.