Carpet stain protectant

Protect Your Carpets with Carpet Stain Protectant – Dycarp, LLC

Most carpets and upholstery fabrics are now manufactured with some type of carpet stain protectant applied at the mill.  This will allow your carpet and furniture to resist staining for the first year or two.
Manufacturers do recommend that you reapply protectant to your soft surfaces after having them professionaly cleaned on an annual basis.   Protectant helps dirt and grit from penetrating into the fiber and breaking the fiber down due to abrasive wear.

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It also helps the fiber to resist absorbing liquid spills.  Some dyes will still penetrate the protectant layer and cause staining. It is best to clean up any spills as quickly as possible by blotting with a dry white cloth.

Ask us about the protectant options available for your type of carpet and upholstery fibers.  Upholstery and carpet can be some of your most expensive purchases inside your home.

Keep your carpet and upholstery looking fresh and clean by following manufacturer suggested professional cleaning guidelines and by applying protectant every year.