Carpet Repair – Repair of Damaged Carpets

Carpet RepairCarpet Restoration and Repair

No matter how hard you try, accidents happen and you may need carpet repair.  Vacuum cleaners can ruin a berber or commercial carpet like a pair of panty hose, a spark from the fireplace or an iron can get pulled off burning  the carpet, or the pet that got shut up in a room and tried to dig his way out thru your carpet.

Are the carpets suffering from some age and starting to look a little loose and lumpy?

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The technicians at Dycarp have the repair suggestion for you. Whether you need a new reducer strip, a patch repair, or stretching those wrinkles out, Dycarp can resolve the issue.

Sometimes stains cannot be removed, so the option to cut the spot out and using a remnant from the original installation or a closet of the same carpet can be used to patch repair the area.

If you have a berber pull, do not throw away the fibers, sometimes the technicians at Dycarp can glue them back into place.  If the fiber is no longer available, or the area is too large, a patch repair can also correct the damaged area.

Metal, rubber, and wood reducers often break free from the floor or crack and fall apart. These are easily replaced, saving the edges of your carpet from fraying or causing tripping hazards.