Carpet cleaning tips & services by Dycarp LLC

Carpet cleaningAt Dycarp, all of our carpet cleaning company technicians are trained and certified in both cleaning and repairs. It is recommended by carpet mills that your carpets are cleaned at least once a year, due to the soils, allergens, pet dander, and other pollutants that are tracked into your home daily.

An in progress before and after look at carpet cleaning. The life of carpet fiber is increased by regular cleanings. Berber, saxony, and commercial style carpets have unique properties that our skilled carpet cleaner technicians know how to identify and properly clean. Any problem areas are discussed prior to cleaning, to include stain removal and repair options.

Carpet before and afterWhether you need to stretch carpet to remove wrinkles, repair the hole the dog dug into the carpet, or tighten the loose carpet on your stairs, rest assured that Dycarp can fix your problem area. If you are in need of repair services, ask any of our technicians or office staff.

Dycarp is built on a reputation for providing superior quality and expert carpet services. We take pride in giving our customers specific attention to details. We customize our work to meet and exceed all of your expectations. Dycarp is a family-owned and operated business that has nearly thirty years of experience. We are the best cleaning service provider in Norfolk, Virginia. We are known for our high quality performance. Dycarp is recognized for our dedication to quality service, professionalism, and outstanding customer service. Our team is highly trained and experienced, so our customers’ expectations are always met.

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Carpets are one of the largest cash investments in homes and offices. They collect dust, soil, debris, and grit. Unfortunately, vacuuming regularly will not remove the dust and dirt, because they attach to the fibers in the carpet. Professional carpet cleaning can remove dirt, dust, soil, and grit, then restore your carpet to the original look along with providing a sanitation. At Dycarp, we use the latest carpet cleaning equipment and solutions that will remove all soil from your carpet fibers.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential carpet cleaning by Dycarp will provide your home with a healthier environment. Our service will eliminate allergens, dirt, debris, and unwanted bacteria that builds up in carpets. Daily vacuuming can’t totally remove all the allergens, dirt, and debris. Our residential services include:

If your carpets haven’t been cleaned within the past six months, then there is embedded dirt that your vacuum can’t remove. Our residential carpet cleaning service can have your carpets looking and smelling great quickly.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Dycarp

For any business, the first impression for your customers is a priority. When your carpets are clean it will make your business look professional and maintained. Our commercial carpet cleaning services include:

  • Commercial Carpet Spot removal
  • Commercial Carpet Stain removal
  • Sanitizing
  • Deodorization
  • Moving of furniture
  • Safe, green cleaning solutions
  • Fully Insured and Bonded
  • Qualified Commercial Carpet Cleaning technicians
  • Steam carpet cleaning method
  • Dry cleaning method
  • 100% Customer satisfaction

Our steam cleaning method is one of the best ways to get your carpet thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and back to its original condition. Our steam cleaning method lifts dirt, dust, grime, pollen, and other debris seamlessly.

Our dry cleaning method is a non-residual method that allows us to put a dry cleaning solution onto the carpet, then bonnet clean the carpet. The dry cleaning method is a surface cleaning, and carpets dry quickly.

We also offer extensive carpet repair.

Carpet Care and Stain Removal

The best way to keep your carpet beautiful, healthy, and long lasting is to vacuum it regularly and have professional carpet cleaning performed. Knowing a few carpet care tips can preserve the life of your carpet and keep it looking great. Here are a few carpet care tips:

Mud: Mud and dirt on the carpet can stain it quickly. When mud occurs on your carpet you should first let it dry completely. Once the mud has dried, then break up the mud with the handle of a knife, then vacuum the mud up.

Wine: Wine can permanently stain a carpet. If wine has spilled onto your carpet, then blot the wine up immediately, then neutralize the wine with a white vinegar solution. Take a spray bottle and add a small amount of white vinegar along with water, then spray onto the spot.

Pet Urine: Pet urine is very difficult to remove. The pet urine stains the carpet and infiltrates the padding and carpet. The best way to remove pet urine and stains is to call Dycarp. We use special enzymatic solutions that is required in neutralizing the pet odors and stains.

Many carpet stains are hard to remove, because they have permanently adhered to the carpet. If you have these type of stains, then contact Dycarp. We specialize in removing all stubborn stains.

Dycarp guarantees top quality commercial and residential carpet cleaning. We ensure that all spots and stains are fully treated before we start cleaning the carpets. Get your carpets looking new again with our carpet cleaning services.

Dycarp has nearly three decades of experience, which allows us to provide our customers with a variety of carpet cleaning options. Trust the leaders in carpet cleaning with Dycarp. Contact us today for a free estimate. At Dycarp, we pride ourselves on not only excellent carpet cleaning, but providing your carpets with a renewed, sanitized, and healthy overall clean. Contact us today, and let us schedule you for a no-pressure estimate.